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Choosing the right Towel


Towel colour and design selection can have a big impact on your bathroom style but choosing your towel correctly can take your bathing experience to a new whole new level.

In choosing your towel from the array available you will quickly discover that all towels are not created equal.

Here are few things to consider when making your choice.

Generally most towels are 100% cotton. Cotton provides excellent natural absorption, a pleasant hand feel and is strong and durable. Egyptian cotton is premium quality cotton and provides added softness, better absorbency, good colour vibrancy and extra durability.

A plush thick towel will provide a wonderful drying experience but can take a little longer to dry after use. A thinner towel will dry a little quicker but will not provide the wonderful lush deluxe experience of a plush heavy weight towel. The thickness of the towel does not generally impact on its ability to absorb; a light weight towel can absorb equally as well as a heavy weight towel, it just will not absorb as fast or as much as the thicker towel. But beware often lighter weight towels use inferior cotton that actually does not dry as well; choose your brand carefully and ask a few questions of the sales person.

Towels are often described in grams per square metre (GSM). This is a measure of the weight of your towel. 500gsm and below is generally in the light category, 500gsm to 600 gsm medium and 600gsm and above in the heavy category.

If you do like a thick heavy towel but prefer a firmer crisp feel look for a double loop towel. The pile is normally shorter and dense and delivers a completely different sensation to the long silky sift soft single loop towels .The choice is quite personal – long silky luxurious or short and firm.

Plain or rib – providing the towels have been woven using good quality cotton both will perform the drying function equally well. Using a rib towel may make you feel dryer due to the nature of the high low rib structure but it is generally more a colour, fashion and style decision.

Here is a towel  to put on your shopping list .Our new Luxury Living Egyptian Cotton towel range has just arrived.

Here are a few features to note on this wonderful new towel.

First up , feel the lavish 800 grams per square metre of plush high density woven Egyptian cotton ,then enjoy the decadent superb soft lush feel and finally rejoice at the specially selected cotton that delivers an exceptional level of absorbency .

Available in a select colour palette featuring classic shades for easy decorating.This is a towel collection of exceptional quality and performance and in a colour range that you will enjoy for years to come.