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Simple Pleasures ; MOHAIR & ALPACA THROWS



Mohair is nicknamed the ‘Diamond Fibre’, Mohair’s light-reflecting properties lend it a glossy sheen that is distinctly discernible even after dying and weaving.

The warmest of the luxury fibre family, this durable and resilient textile has a unique insulating quality, allowing cool-ventilation in summer and temperate warmth in winter.

Perhaps, best of all, mohair is non-felting and soil-resistant, which means no mess, no-fuss, just quality and comfort all year round.

The Beautiful soft feel and stunning colours and stylish appearance makes Mohair equally at Home in the bedroom or living room. Fall in love with the feel and beautiful colour.

Throws $169.95


Alpaca fleece is your cosy shelter on a rainy day – both inside and out. It is naturally water-repellent, effectively disperses moisture from the skin and is thermal even when wet.

Our bodies lose over a cup of water in perspiration each night, a lightweight alpaca throw rug makes for perfect dreams and a good night’s sleep.

What’s more, alpaca is free of lanolin, making it hypoallergenic and extra soft and silky to the touch.

Light weight, cosy and elegant Alpaca throws are perfect for the sofa or the bedroom for added comfort, warmth and the ultimate in style.

Throws $189.95