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Tips & Hints



Towel care

It’s easy to snag a towel on bracelets and rings, but as towels are woven, not knitted, a pulled loop will not unravel. Simply snip the snagged loop off with a pair of sharp scissors.


Optical brightening agents (OBAs), are excellent for “whites” to keep them sparkling white, but they can make pastel tones appear faded. It’s best to use detergents that don’t contain OBAs. Dissolve your washing powders fully before adding towels to the water and don’t leave wet towels in a pile as the colours may run if there is no water running through them.

Towels can be damaged if they come into direct contact with every-day items we use at home, such as facial cleansers (that may contain benzoyl peroxide), and household cleaning agents, which commonly contain a chlorine-based bleach. Gently wash off any such products with COLD water before laundering to minimise the damage.

If you line-dry, your towels, choose a shady spot to avoid fading colours. To fluff up very dry towels, just pop them into the dryer with a wet face cloth for 20 mins.


Fabric conditioner leaves a fine coating on the fibres, which reduces the absorbency and increases the risk of pulled threads. To restore towels that have been rinsed with a fabric conditioner, add a cup of vinegar to the washing machine, don’t add any powder but wash as normal. Always check the care instruction label on your towels.

Quilt care

Feather and down quilts should be gently washed by hand using a wool mix detergent. After rinsing well, use a gentle spin cycle on your washing machine to remove the excess water. While it is still wet, pull it back into shape and hang over a line in the shade. As it dries continue to fluff-up the quilt to keep its shape. Ensure that the quilt is thoroughly dry before using or storing it. Do not tumble dry! Do not store in plastic as the quilt needs to breath. A cardboard box or cotton storage bag is best. A feather and down quilt will last for many years if you follow the care instructions written on the label.Dry cleaning is not always recommended for a feather and down quilt.

Most cotton and polyester quilts can be washed on a gentle cycle in a washing machine. Line-dry the quilt in the shade and continue to fluff up and pull back into shape as it dries. Warm tumble dry to finish. The weight of wet wool makes washing difficult and dry cleaning is the recommended method of cleaning.

Before washing or dry-cleaning any quilt, make sure you read the care label for the manufacturer’s recommendation.

We recommend that you give your quilt a good shake each day and a regular airing in soft sunlight, regardless of whether it is a feather and down, cotton or pure wool filling.